Grievance against DDA - Planning Fault.

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Sanjeev Goyal

Aug 13, 2022, 12:06:47 AMAug 13
to dwarka-residents



DWARKA FORUM Dwarka Ki Awaaz

                                          (Regn No. S-63070)                            

      (A Welfare Association of Residents & RWA's / CGHS Representatives of Dwarka Sub-City)


Regd. Office:

720, Pocket-1, Sector-14,

Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078  

Phone No. 011-20514195



No. SKG/PMO/236                                                09 Aug 2022


Sh. Narender Modi,

Prime Minister,

7 Lok Kalyan Marg,


Sir,                                                                   PMOPG/E/2022/0211477                           

Reg: Grievance against DDA.


Dwarka is claimed to be planned as a modern sub-city with all amenities but it turned out to be the case with many shortcomings. Some of them could be enlisted as under:


1)         No garbage collection centres (dhalao) and garbage processing centers were constructed throughout sub-city, the collection centres were constructed later with court orders. Even today at many places road side carts are placed for garbage collection,

2)         All over Dwarka the footpath height and design is not in compliance with UTTIPEC guidelines,

3)         Ingress & outgress roads from Dwarka are way short of the requirement,

4)         Parking arrangement in sector markets is grossly inadequate,

5)         Mixed land use permitted to plots on main roads without applying any mind about parking problem,

6)         The party hall and hospital planned adjacent to each other just creating nuisance,

7)         No place for public library/ reading facility provided,

8)         Entry to service roads at many places is allowed immediate after an intersection, inducing people to drive in the wrong lane.

9)         Left turn slip roads not designed on several busy intersections, 

10)        There are excessive traffic red lights in Dwarka, indicating that no adequate brain storming was done on this issue at the planning stage,

11)        No permanent trenches were made to avoid frequent digging of roads by several departments,

12)        Inadequate space for the post office was earmarked,

13)        Inadequate Police Stations planned,

14)        No place earmarked for the weekly bazaar, subzi market etc.,

15)        No planned space provided for tehbazari system for small-time vendors like cycle repair shop, cobbler, pressman, flower etc.

16)        No TSR, taxi stands visible anywhere,

17)        Inadequate sports ground,


All these are issues which with better planning could have been avoided. In this regard information was sought from DDA under RTI – as what is the review mechanism and how they plan to avoid recurrence of same in future planning? Is there any central planning cell which takes care of errors for further improvement? However, same was not replied by DDA rather the application was transferred to SDMC. Everyone knows that SDMC has no role to play in designing & development of Dwarka sub-city. This indicates that there is total lack of any kind of review mechanism and there are no processes to avoid recurrences of the earlier committed errors. This tantamount to not shouldering responsibility of own mistakes.



In view of above, it is requested that DDA may be directed to

(1)   Immediately constitute a review mechanism of hitherto planned areas,

(2)   List down all faults, errors and deficiencies in planning & designing existing areas,

(3)   Set a mechanism to avoid repetition of past errors and

(4)   Share the document with other planning Boards across country.





S K Goyal

Vice President

D-103, Shivam Apartment,

Sector-12/14, Dwarka,

New Delhi-110078.


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