Help! The renovation at Piney Wood Pickleball Courts is in trouble!

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Sandi Metz

Apr 23, 2023, 9:24:22 PM4/23/23

As many of you know, it has been a dream to build 12 brand, spankin' new, permanent pickleball courts in Durham at Piney Wood Park. These courts will be a hub for community activity and a drawing card for regional tournaments. They'll be a place for all of Durham to mingle, bond, and play pickleball.

After considerable work and planning, the City approved the plan to resurface the courts and erect permanent nets and fencing, accepted a bid, and allocated funds based on the specifications in the contract. Unfortunately, the construction of those new courts ran into trouble. Contrary to expectations, the existing asphalt will not hold up to the heavy equipment needed to overlay new surfacing. Instead of overlaying new surfacing over the weak asphalt, the full depth of the courts will need to be reclaimed and stabilized, and a new surface added.

This will require around $180,000 more than Durham Parks & Rec (DPR) has budgeted for the renovation. Durham Area Pickleball Players (DAPP) is leading an effort to convince the city to allocate additional funds so the renovation can proceed.

How can you help?
Sign the petition.  We'll include a count of signers in our presentation to city officials.  Your signature on the petition is a vote for additional funds for pickleball.

Make a donation.  We're asking the city to allocate additional money.  Contributing money ourselves demonstrates our personal commitment and adds to our credibility. DAPP has already donated $17,000 to the Durham Parks Foundation that's earmarked for Piney.  Every dollar you contribute gets us closer to achieving these new courts. (If you wish to make a sizable, tax-deductible contribution please contact us directly at

Register for the Bull City Open on May 4-7. This is DAPPs annual fundraiser, and the source of the $17k we've previously given to Durham Parks Foundation.  We also use funds from this tourney to buy community nets for Bethesda Park, windscreens, run clinics, etc.  All money raised supports pickleball in Durham.  

Yup, you can play a tournament AND support local pickleball; it's the best deal ever.

And finally, you can...
Join the fundraising team. If you have fundraising experience and want to help with this effort, please email

If we pull together, I'm confident that we can reach this goal.  Let's keep the Piney dream alive!


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