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Gianfranco Palumbo

Sep 4, 2013, 7:34:18 PM9/4/13

Anybody bought a Firefox OS phone last couple of weeks from eBay? (ZTE Open or Alcatel One Touch Fire)
I believe ZTE sold out.

Here's an explanation on the technology used (better than Mozilla's Wiki):

General info:

I've had the ZTE Open for a week or so and I think it's got great potential and it's a great phone version 1 (V1.0.0B01) for the price and hardware.

Last weekend I had to 'forcefully' to downgrade Smartphone to this almost "smart" phone, so I know have the opportunity to try it out more, learn more about it and maybe fix some bugs.

I would like to open the discussion and perhaps have a meetup day to any one would like to introduce a tutorial on how to develop apps or contribute to the actual OS components.

What do you think?

Extra info:
2 videos I found made by Mozilla on setting up a local Firefox OS development environment


Tianyi Wang

Dec 5, 2013, 9:51:01 AM12/5/13
Hi Gianfranco,

Only joined the list today, and saw this post. I am a big fan of FirefoxOS, haven't got a FirefoxOS phone yet though. 
But I have used a bit of  the emulator, I think it looks great.
I'm very interested in it, wonder if you have done some development on that yet?
 If so maybe you can give a talk about it at the next meet up?


Gianfranco Palumbo

Dec 5, 2013, 6:15:41 PM12/5/13
Hi Tianyi,

I made a presentation at the GDG (Google Dev group) Devfest in November.
Here are my slides:

Unfortunately I haven't done much development on FFOS a side a few more steps after hello world :)

I'm happy to speak again if you think an introductory talk will interest any anybody.



Meetups are the first tuesday of the month at 6:30
Full details at
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Tianyi Wang

Dec 6, 2013, 3:17:11 AM12/6/13
Hi Gianfranco,

I've looked through your slides, very nice, covered many aspects of FirefoxOS.
I definitely wanna hear an introductory talk. 
And this should be interesting to JS/web devs, since FirefoxOS does not require JS/web devs to learn another language.
Your slides is very good, wonder if you can also have some quick demos.
Because I think the win for FirefoxOS is the ability to convert your current web app to a FFOS app with minimal effort. 
Anyway, these are just my thoughts, maybe ping Cormac on twitter see if he'd think it's a good topic for January :)

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