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Thank you for visiting this site. We are a percussion group, primarily hand drumming, and we welcome your interest in our group.
When you come to our drum circle, take some time to observe the dynamics of the circle, stay in the 'background' for the first few visits and talk to some of the regulars before you start making a 'heavy' contribution. As you play, try to imitate and/or support the main rhythm so as to make a sound pleasing to the ear and to people passing/listening to us.  Also hold back banging on your drum while a regular may be trying to start a rhythm.

The circle meets on Sundays currently from about 3:30 pm until ??, as long as the weather allows or no conflict with any major activity, the location is in the circle going south on Spragins Ave and Huntsville Utilities at Big Springs Park.

Bring your chair, water, drum, shaker, etc.

Until Bam de bam bam