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Welcome to the Druid User Forum!
This is the place for help with setting up, troubleshooting, and managing Druid. If you want to chat about extending and adding new features to Druid, please subscribe to dev@druid.apache.org.

Reporting Issues
If you believe you encountered a bug, please file a GitHub issue, and check if your problem has already been reported. Given the high volume of issues and questions we see, we may not be able to examine your issue in detail without a corresponding unit test to reproduce behavior. 

For any trouble with your Druid setup, here's a list of a few things to include in your message that will help us with debugging:
1) Druid version and setup information
2) Relevant logs on any Druid nodes, especially exceptions
3) Configuration settings, including runtime.properties, system properties and JVM flags

Contact us directly
If you require more live assistance, you can reach out to us in our Slack channel. Check out https://druid.apache.org/community/ for more details.
The best time to find us there is during work hours US Pacific Time and India Standard Time.

Please avoid sending private messages unless you have to share sensitive information. We encourage public positing so the entire community can benefit from your questions.
We understand you may not want to share your own, or your employer's identity, in which case we recommend you create a throwaway email account.