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Zipeng Xu

May 10, 2022, 4:08:44 PMMay 10
to dream3d-users
Hello everyone,

I just have a quick question that, after I did the pipeline "Quick Surface Mesh", I found there's a folder called TripleLines and two sub-folders inside ("SharedEdgeList" & "SharedVertexList"). How can I interpret those data? I couldn't find any related instructions about that.

The reason why I'm curious about this is because I'm currently trying to identify which meshed triangles are belongs to triple lines, I guess the data in this folder might be able to give me the answer.

Many thanks,
Zipeng Xu

Michael Jackson

May 11, 2022, 8:55:17 AMMay 11
to Zipeng Xu, dream3d-users

You can visualize the data in ParaView most certainly. The shared vertex list has the list of XYZ coordinates. The shared Edge List has “pairs” of coordinates that make up an edge segment. I’m not sure how one would related the Shared Vertext List from the triple lines to the Triangle Geometry. One would have to produce a mapping between the 2 Shared Vertex List to map the index from one list to the index of the other list.



Mike Jackson

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