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Indrajeet Tambe

May 29, 2023, 1:41:20 PM5/29/23
to dream3d-users

Hope you are doing well. I am really new to Dream3D my question might sound really silly. I would explain what I am trying to generate. I have DCT of Aluminium foam (which contains 3d tomography image, grain id information). I want to extract the centeroid from the grain id information from my data and provide this centeroid points to dream 3d as input. Further, Using these centeroids I am looking to construct the microstructure (voronoi tensellation). Also the fact that I want to limit the microstructure segmentation to mask of my  3d tomography image. In short, I want to segments the grains aluminium foam using centeroid points from its grain id information from my dct data. After this I will be comparing the grain that dct gave me and grains that dream 3d gave me. Hope I was able to explain it properly.

Thank You in advance.

Michael Jackson

May 30, 2023, 2:05:56 PM5/30/23
to Indrajeet Tambe, dream3d-users
Dear Indrajeet Tambe, 
  You will break this into 2 pipelines. You will be segmenting the DCT data based on the GrainIds that you already have. If the grain Ids already range from 1-N and are contiguous then you can proceed without any issues. If there are gaps in the existing grain ids, then it will easier to just run the “Segment Features (Scalar)” filter and assign the original Grain Ids from the DCT data as the “Scalar Array To Segment”. Use a “Scalar Tolerance” of 0. 
  • Run the “Find Feature Phases” filter using the newly generated “Feature Ids”.
  • Run the “Find Feature Centroids” filter using the newly generated “Feature Ids”.
  • Run the “Fine Feature Shapes” filter using the newly generated “Feature Ids”.
  • Run the “Export ASCII Data” filter to output all of this data to a file.

In the next pipeline you are going to have to Import the DCT data into dream3d, run a mask to flag each voxel that is part of an actual grain. Then build up a synthetic generation pipeline based on the (01) Single Cubic Phase Equiaxed prebuilt pipeline. In the “Pack Primary Phases” filter you will need to select to “Use Mask” a, also select “Already Have Features” for the “Feature Generation” parameter. If this all works correctly, then you should get something close to what the DCT gave you.

Also, please read this thread "” as it goes over something similar and what you will need to edit in the output file.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Mike Jackson          
BlueQuartz Software
President/Owner               Dayton, Ohio
Principal DREAM.3D Developer

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Indrajeet Tambe

May 30, 2023, 3:12:07 PM5/30/23
to dream3d-users

Thank You for putting in some time to look into my issue. I am completely new to the software so I am unaware of even basic things in this software. Can you suggest some lectures or video tutorials to get hands-on with this software?.

I understand that you have listed some steps that are really usefull for me. But I am at this stage where a clueless on how to import my dct data inside hdf file to the software. Is it possible for you to be more elaborate? asuming that i have'nt used the software at all. Can I use it as a this software as a python module?

Thank You.

Indrajeet Tambe

Jun 2, 2023, 3:49:05 PM6/2/23
to dream3d-users
Hi Mike,

Could you help me in this?
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