Generate KAM maps from Damask 3 Output data

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Gavish Jain

May 23, 2022, 4:18:29 PMMay 23
to dream3d-users
Hi everyone!
I have been working on Damask 3 for some time. The output files of Damask 3 are of type HDF5, containing discrete folders of phase, geom, and homogenization. How can I use this file to find Kernel Average Orientations in Dream 3D.
A pipeline would be of great help since I am confused with the filters I should use to extract data from HDF5 files required to find KAM

Gavish Jain(IIT Kanpur)

Michael Jackson

May 25, 2022, 12:01:47 PMMay 25
to Gavish Jain, dream3d-users

I am not familiar with how Damask HDF5 files are written. There is a filter in DREAM3D called “Import HDF5 dataset” that would be used. You will probably need to also use filters to create the DataContainer and Image Geometry to store the data. Once you get everything imported into DREAM.3D then you can use the “Find Kernel Average misorientations” filter to calculate the KAM.



Mike Jackson

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