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Welcome to the Google Group for people attending (or interested in attending) the Dragons on the Hill role-playing games club

This Google Group is to be used for club communications across all gaming nights. When you post to this Google Group, please send only communications that are intended either for the club as a whole or, for a particular gaming night. Examples of this are notices of cancellations of club meet-ups, or if you are a new player looking for a group, or a group looking for a new player.

Do not use this Google Group to manage your own gaming table on a weekly basis! Posts sent here will be received by everyone signed up, and we don't care if you are running late or can't make it this week! Please create your own Google Group to manage your gaming group, or use some other means of communication.

We would recommend that you chose to receive emails from this group otherwise you may miss out on notifications (and check your spam folder).

If you have any questions, please email dragonsonthehill@gmail.com