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Daniel Martin

Mar 31, 2014, 6:24:12 AM3/31/14
Hi all,

1.10 is almost ready but before releasing I’m working on a few miscellaneous components:

* I’m cleaned up the Support site which should make things easier to find [i]
* I’m creating a new “Debugging your template” that expands on the information in this thread [ii] to explain how to debug the export generation process and any template issues. v1.10 will also ship with a new facility that will let you set the Project :id in the command line so you’ll no longer have to tweak the source of the plugin.
* I’m creating a new template that contains some of the latest features we’ve included like the Nmap Service tables.
* …

My question to you:

* What documentation is missing? What guide should I write next? What example you wished was available that would have make things easier for you at the time?

I want to boost the Help & Support section of the site, create a few videos, etc. If you have ideas and suggestion of useful content (both beginner level and more advanced is fine), I’d be really happy to hear about them.




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