Questions about the uses of OAuth2

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Rodrigo Cabral

Sep 30, 2014, 1:25:30 PM9/30/14
I'm starting a research to find technologies to create a web api service for my company, the objective is integrate my products in many platforms and have a centralized web service.
One of the troubles that I have is authentication, so I read about the OAuth2 for .NET and I wanna know if can I use the OAuth2 for the authentication between my web service and my "front" applications eg. app for Android/iOS and clients for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Thank you :)

David Christiansen

Nov 12, 2014, 7:22:42 AM11/12/14
Hi Rodrigo,
Yes, absolutely you  can.  In short, Users of your clients (mobile/desktop) would go through an action flow which authenticates them against your identity provider (served by your application) which, if successful, would provide the client they are using with a token. That issued token can be used as credentials for the webservice - it basically says "The user has allowed me to act on their behalf, and the Identity Provider gave me this token as proof - please assume I am them".

Much simplification going on there but you should get the point.

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