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Brian Lens

May 9, 2022, 10:10:50 AMMay 9
to dotCMS User Group
Hello all, 

Trying to get the DotCMS CLI to work (outside of the given examples, which work fine). For some context: 

1) The DotCMS CLI expects all the files to be in JSON format, for example Content Types are expected in .contenttype.json. 
2) I'm trying to export a Bundle that contains a complete Site, Content Types, File Assets and (Advanced) Templates.
3) When exporting a bundle from a local Development Environment, it is definitely not the expected format as the CLI expects (XMLs vs. JSON).

Question then is: Did you all find a way to export complete bundles in the format that the CLI is expecting, or do you have another way of moving developments between instances? How are you handling CI/CD in general, advice is much appreciated! 

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