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David Rawling

Jan 10, 2023, 9:04:59 AM1/10/23
to dotCMS User Group
Hi all

I'm currently evaluating dotCMS as a replacement for an old CMS for a few tiny hobby websites. The intent would be to host using the Open Source edition, because $50K a year for a set of hobby sites is a bit OTT.

I've successfully deployed the Docker version, but when I attempt to enable a second site using the documented process (, it doesn't work - seemingly at all.

I have:
  • Created the DNS aliases (CNAMEs) for and pointing to the docker host
  • Applied to the list of aliases for the default site
  • Verified that both sites load (default site should of course load for both names)
  • Created a new Site (using the Blank site option) with Site Key "siteb" and with alias
When I do this, there's no indication that the operation has failed. I can successfully choose between the two sites using the drop-down list on the Site Manager > Browser page, or the Content Types page. However, there's only the default site shown at the top of the Browser folder tree, regardless of whether I choose default or siteb, and the list of Content Types matches the default site regardless of site selection.

Is this expected in the Open Source edition, or am I doing something incredibly stupid (probably the latter)?


Will Ezell

Jan 10, 2023, 1:02:29 PM1/10/23
No, this should work.  I don't know what version you are running but you might need to refresh your browser after you change your site selector - there was an issue with it in older versions.

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David Rawling

Jan 10, 2023, 10:13:17 PM1/10/23
to dotCMS User Group
Thanks Will. I'm on 22.12 (the dotAdmin logon page suggests it is "PRIME EDITION: 22.12 - DECEMBER 07, 2022"). I did try Shift+F5, and an InPrivate session, but I'll have another crack at it a little later.


David Rawling

Jan 14, 2023, 1:00:46 AM1/14/23
to dotCMS User Group
OK confirming, it works as expected within a Guest/InPrivate session so I'm guessing I have some caching shenanigans to tune. Thanks Will.

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