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Mark Pitely

Mar 30, 2021, 2:59:49 PMMar 30
to dot...@googlegroups.com
Not sure if it is a bug, but you cannot use a multiselect field as an Urlmap field.
I mean, the system lets you assign it, but it errors every time.
I can sort of see the logic, but there's no reason it couldn't work.
I have a ProgramOfStudy structure that has a 'type' field that allows for UG or GR (or both, hence the multiselect).
So /programs/ug/math  and /programs/gr/math should both map to the same contentlet (as it is both ug and gr) but this just fails. Obviously I can work around it, but it was frustrating to figure out why it was not working - I'd like to save someone else that pain - and suggest that either they support it or not allow it to be assigned.

I see that there's an option to use URLMAP_FALLTHROUGH to bypass if someone else stumbles across this message looking for a solution.  That would allow me to make my structure work, but at this stage I am just going to split the fields out.

Mark Pitely
Marywood University

Lex Medeiros

Mar 30, 2021, 4:56:47 PMMar 30
to dot...@googlegroups.com

One way that I did a multi select urlmap is by assigning a base url like /blog/{useMultiselectValue}/{urlTitle}

So I got:  /blog/travel/url-map or /blog/whatever/urlTitle

I hope this helps!


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