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Lex Medeiros

Feb 5, 2023, 2:10:32 PMFeb 5

Is there anything that will replace the old calendar implemented in DotCMS?

I understand we have a content type event calendar where all those items are stored, but I am unable to work with recurring events.

I am trying to pull recurring events via GraphSQL and it is not working.



Will Ezell

Feb 6, 2023, 9:34:53 AMFeb 6
Unfortunately, there is nothing in the works to replace the recurring events functionality that has been part of dotCMS for years.  The edit content screen and viewtools that are used to manage/enable recurring events are aging and difficult for us to support.

We have talked about adding a "recurring" date field type that could possibly replace the current one but there are no plans to add that as of now.

For what it is worth, I will take your question as a +1 for recurring events when we go to prioritize the buildout of new features.

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Lex Medeiros

Feb 6, 2023, 9:55:37 AMFeb 6
Thank you, Will!

Is there any integration with a calendar that you would recommend with dotCMS?

Will Ezell

Feb 6, 2023, 1:21:23 PMFeb 6
Not that I know of off the top of my head. Pretty sure there have to be some javascript libraries that would make it easy to pull in Google Calendars, but I have not looked into it.

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