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Claire Ryder

Apr 4, 2007, 1:47:52 PM4/4/07

Thank you, Claire, for facilitating the meeting!  And, Thanks to Rob Prince and David Barsamian for your excellent presentations!
    *  Claire agreed to set up a google list serve for the group, and has already done so --  Thanks, Claire!
    *  Claire also agreed to let the Iran Working Group of UFPJ know of our meetings and the plans we are working on.
Reports from Working Groups
    * Artists in Action will meet TONIGHT Wednesday the 4th,  6 pm at the Mercury Cafe to plan actions.
Occupation Project - Legislative Approaches Group  Carolyn Bninski and Rich Andrews (303) 444-6981
    *  It was agreed to participate in continuing to pressure Senator Salazar regarding the Supplemental Funding Bill- and about taking action to stop a possible attack on Iran.  A statement is being prepared for Salazar based on the Webb Bill, - asking that the language prohibiting an attack on Iran be reinstated into the Supplemental Funding Bill.  There will be a rally outside of Senator Salazar's Office each Thursday at Noon, BEGINNING THIS THURSDAY (APRIL 5TH) AT NOON.   People will go into the office in small groups to deliver verbal and/or written messages to Salazar's aides, and / or to Salazar, himself.  Senator Salazar should be in the district this week, as they are on Easter recess.
People are asked to write letters to the editor about NOT attacking Iran.  Most everybody in attendance at the meeting agreed to do a letter or letters to the editor(s).  Need broad outreach - info about visits and letters to Salazar will be text-messaged and podcast and well as emailed broadly.  Carolyn will send out an email asking for organizations to make a statement about possible attack on Iran -  If your organization can make a statement, please send a copy to Carolyn at .
General Strike / Pledge of Resistance / CD working Group.  Claire Ryder (303) 316-8415 & Betty Ball (303) 444-6981
    *  Agreed to take Pre-emptive Nonviolent Actions, including General Strike.  Ask people to sign Pledge of Resistance agreeing to participate in General Strike if there is an attack on Iran -  can also pledge to do cd actions at federal buildings or military locations, or to be support for those doing general strike or cd actions.  Can be combined with call to immediately come to predetermined location immediately upon learning of attack on Iran and participate in vigil / planning for next actions to take for the next 24 (or so) hours.  (see notes from What If group)
    Dorothy Lorig and Betty Ball  will coordinate with TJ Bowen to get the pledge forms electronic so we can get them out to mass groups to sign and names be put on a database for us --  Must take precautions to make the database secure!  This is going to require massive organizing and outreach !  Leafletting at shopping malls, at large workplaces, outside military installations, at faith communities, etc. We plan to announce the call for a General Strike this week, by getting out the pledge forms and an accompanying letter - and possibly press releases.
    Glenn Spagnuolo said that there will be discussion at the R68 meeting April 2nd regarding fun, creative action at the Pepsi Center when Howard Dean will be there rallying the Democrats on April 12th.  More info will be forthcoming about that from the R68 group shortly.
    April 17th Tax Day actions are being planned ..  Fort Collins will hand out the Federal Budget pie charts and slices of pie at the Federal Building in Fort Collins, as well as stickers people can put on their envelopes.  They will also hand out info about Iraq and Iran.  
    Also talked about possibly boycotting Exxon on a selected date(s) (to be further discussed).
    Another possible action is to go to the State Capitol (without a permit) and go in and demand to talk with legislators and hold them accountable for not taking action against the Occupation in Iraq and pending attack on Iran.
What If (despite our best efforts, the US does attack Iran).  Judith Mohling (303 - 447-9635)
    *Agreed that immediately upon news of an attack on Iran, go to pre-designated locations - wear black and bring pots and pans.  Plan to stay and create further actions.  Locations designated at this point:
    Boulder - Courthouse on Pearl Street Mall
    Denver - Capitol Steps
    Nederland - Peace Garden
    Colorado Springs - (will contact them to find out the location)
    Loveland - Taft and Highway 34 (Eisenhower)
    Broomfield - City and County Building
    Arvada - City Hall
    Longmont - 6th and Main
    Fort Collins - Mulberry and College
    Also, continue networking, doing letters to the editor, info to broad scope of lists. 
    Teach-Ins and Speakers Bureau being Organized.  Rob Prince will provide more info.
    Our legislators are complicit in war crimes!  One idea is to investigate the possibility of going after a specific congress person to make him / her an example.
    Artists in Action will meet TONIGHT Wednesday the 4th,  AT 6 pm at the Mercury Cafe to plan actions.
    Everyone should be thinking of ideas of signs to make for all actions, including the what if action in the event of an attack.  Post ideas for signs to our Google list.
Feel free to send edits / corrections!  Huge thanks to everyone!  betty
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