Generated PDF only shows outline of GIF and PNG images

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Wolter van der Let

Jul 6, 2020, 2:34:00 PM7/6/20
to dompdf

I've used DomPDF for about 2 years now, without any problems.

A few days ago the GIF and PNG images stopped showing correctly.
It only shows a vague outline of these images.
Since i didn't change anything in the code or on the server, i reached out to my hosting provider.
They responded today saying they updated some software packages on the server the day before my problem started, particularly alt-php71-gd-7.1.33-11.el6.x86_64.
They assure me that the updates are only bug fixes and compatibility with existing packages is not compromised.

I was using DomPDF version 0.6.0 on PHP 5.6 before the problem started, and have since tested with versions 0.8.2 on PHP 5.6 and now the newest version 0.8.5 on PHP 7.1 on a test site.
Unfortunately, the problem still remains.
Has anyone seen this problem before or any ideas what causes it?

My own idea is that could be an issue with the newest GD version, but i have no way to be sure....

Any help is appreciated.



Jul 18, 2020, 11:35:05 AM7/18/20
Do you have a sample of the original image. You're not the first person to report the issue lately.

So far I have been unable to reproduce. If you run phpinfo() what does it report about GD?
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