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Apr 18, 2009, 6:16:39 PM4/18/09
to DOMAssistant
It was a long and painful period - about a month, but I felt if it
were years - of my life which has just closed yesterday evening, when
I found DOMAssistant. I am a newbie to JavaScript; I started work on
my very first JS project end of February, and jumped into AJAX at the
beginning of March (with LAMP backend).

I am not a beginner (I don't copy my CV here), therefore I realised,
that sooner or later I will use some kind of JavaScript framework.
I've interviewed collegues, friends and unknown dudes. One of them is
contributor of ExtJS and glued to it, another one has made a framework
for himself, then he switched to Prototype and MoTools (his stuff
can't compete with these), my GNU/Linux sysadmin friend, who is not a
programmer, using JQuery for creating tiny utils for himself. (Palm
has choosen Mojo as platform for the new devices, but afaik Mojo is
not a general-purpose fw at all.)

I've set up a plan: 1: in the project, which I am working on, I will
not use frameworks, only bare JavaScript; 2: based on this
experience, I will overview as many frameworks as I can, and I choose
one then. That almost failed: I'm not a sutpid one, but most of
frameworks are just strange for me. I just don't understand how they
do and what and why. It's possible that only the documentation is not
for absolute beginners, or I am infected by "traditional" libraries. I
was close to the decision that I will create my own framework.

Then, just days ago, I've found DOMAssistant (keyphrases: "javascript
without framework" and "smallest javascript framework"). After 2
minutes - reading the manifesto and the API doc of the first two
modules - I was sure: that's it. It found the way to my heart.
Perfect, 3 bull's eye from 3 throw. It is like if it's written by me
(well, after 2 years of JS experience, not 2 months).

So, that's my story, thank you for listening, etc.

Is there any Idea Box which I could peek into? I mean where can get
info about planned or halfmade modules, other issues.


Apr 19, 2009, 6:02:05 AM4/19/09
to DOMAssistant
Hi there,

I'm glad you chose DOMAssistant!

The DOMAssistant syntax deliberately mimics standard DOM API style, so
it feels like a natural extension to "bare" Javascripting. The feature
set is tight compared to other JS libraries, but you could extend it
do marvelous things with the plugin system.

Feel free to submit plugins or modules of your own!



Apr 19, 2009, 3:23:39 PM4/19/09
> Feel free to submit plugins or modules of your own!

I have a problem, maybe just because I am a newbie: the problem of
context loss of the setTimeout() (and co.), I mean that setTimeout()
can't be used with object methods. After some googling I found that
Mozilla has an undocumented solution assigning some kind of ID as
timeout "session", but it's not-too-documented and - of course - MSIE
does not have any solution.

I've made a quick-and-dirty solution; it's short and works well, but...
I am afraid... please beg me, I'm just really a newbie: it contains eval().

So, if there is any elegant technique, it should be put in the library.
I think it would be one of the base functions of an abstract animation
module (I mean w/o any graphics stuff).
Haben Sie Fragen?

Pelle Wessman

Apr 19, 2009, 4:24:17 PM4/19/09
Regarding animation module - I made a simple one over a year ago -
haven't done any development on it for a long time, but it should
still work with the latest domassistant.
Check it out here:

/ Pelle Wessman

Robert Nyman

Apr 20, 2009, 6:40:13 AM4/20/09
Hi ern0,

Thank you for your story, and your trust! It makes me very happy to hear that!
For any ideas you might have, or things you're looking into, just let this list know, and hopefully you will get some good replies.

Personally, I was part of initially creating DOMAssistant, but I'm not doing any more development work on it. Cheng Hong is in lead of that now, so just let him know anything you wonder.

Good luck!

Best regards,
Robert Nyman
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