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May 7, 2009, 10:15:39 AM5/7/09
to DOMAssistant

I'm excited to announce that a new pre-release version of DOMAssistant
is ready for consumption. This version (2.8) is fully backward-
compatible, and include the following changes so far:

- [Add] Event delegation through relayEvent() and unrelayEvent(), with
support for focus and blur
- [Add] New core methods: indexOf(), map(), filter(), every() and some
- [Chg] Callback function in each() receives an index reference, to be
consistent with the new methods
- [Chg] Events fired via triggerEvent() now bubble
- [Chg] Bubbling events can be stopped either by calling
DOMAssistant.cancelBubble or returning false at the event handler
- [Chg] Moved prev() and next() methods to the core module
- [Fix] Comment nodes not skipped in IE5.5
- [Fix] Ajax does not work on local files
- [Fix] Ajax timeouts sometimes not detected in IE
- [Fix] setStyle("opacity") does not work in IE without hasLayout
- [Fix] Incorrect value from getStyle("opacity") in IE when opacity is
- [Fix] setStyle on newly created (but not yet added to the DOM)
elements fails in IE
- [Fix] addContent when used with strings remove events and attributes
- [Fix] replaceClass does not work in some cases
- [Fix] Certain selectors sometimes return less elements than expected
in IE
- [Fix] removeEvent fails in older versions of Opera when multiple
handlers exist for an event on an element
- [Fix] Miscellaneous performance improvement

Test suite:
Updated documentation:

DOMAssistant 2.8 is scheduled to be released some time in May. You may
contribute by:
- Downloading 2.8 and reporting any bugs you may encounter
- Writing test cases to be included into the suite
- Giving suggestions on new features or enhancement on existing ones
- Writing plugins for DOMAssistant
- Sharing your experiences with the community

I appreciate your help in shaping DOMAssistant into a better product!


Gustaf Forsslund

May 7, 2009, 10:27:52 AM5/7/09
Sounds very interesting. :)

I'm curious about relayEvent - does it only bind to elements that exist
when the function is called or does it also "bind" to future elements
(similar to jQuery's live functionality)?


chenghong skrev:


May 7, 2009, 10:45:56 AM5/7/09
to DOMAssistant
Hi Gustaf,

It binds to future elements as well. That's the beauty of event
delegation! =)


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