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Adrian McEwen

Jan 1, 2022, 10:07:01 AMJan 1
to does-li...@googlegroups.com
When we last ran the futuregazing session we were hoping to run them
once or twice a year.

You can see Ross' notes from the session at
which was back in June 2019!  Zarino and Helen organised a Theory of
Change workshop in the September, and then the pandemic has somewhat
gotten in the way of us doing anything similar.

We should have another session sometime, once the current wave of Covid
dies down a bit.

In the meantime... at the end of January we've been asked to give a
short presentation to the Fabric District board.

I'm currently reading Everything I Know about Life I Learned from
PowerPoint [1] by Russell Davies, and in it he quotes Peggy Noonan:

    "Every speech has a job to do [...Y]ou have to understand what its
job is and work to make sure it's done."

And then goes on to say that "This  is your opportunity to ask for
something that will make the world slightly better.  You might as well
take it."

I figured that would be a good thing to have a wider chat about here, as
it'll also gather a bit of the benefit we'd get from a Futuregazing

So, what should our "ask" be?




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