DoES Liverpool "Takeover" of Tate Liverpool exhibition

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Mike Gorman

Feb 12, 2024, 11:23:51 AMFeb 12
to DoES Liverpool
Hi Folks,

As some of you may already know, there is now a DoES exhibit in the Tate Liverpool + RIBA North exhibition for RESOLVE Collective and Future Forecast.

This exhibition is going to be in place for a few months and includes a number of local organisations incuding DoES Liverpool.

As part of the ongoing exhibition, the local organisations are being allowed "Takover Days", where we can run an active exhibition, with some activities for the general public to get involved in. The proposed date for DoES Liverpool "Takeover" is 6th or 7th April. 

There will be some funding available for this event, though there is a practical limit on how many people can be funded, but as always, we will also include any volunteers on both the preparation as well as on the day. This also means that we can buy some materials and supplies should this be required.

The initial idea was around some kind of sustainablility or resource sharing theme, so something like a Repair Cafe. Electrical items would likely be an issue in a public space though (public Liabaility issues), so something more on a fabric and fibres theme would likely be a good fit. We have already done some initial investigations on clothes upclycling and embelishment which might be a good fit.

We will also set up some typical DoES like displays, like the plotter and some of the typical displays from Makefest.

So it's over to you folks as to who is interested in getting involved in this little project as well as to gather some more idea's as to what we can offer on the day.

We do have an initial deadline of Lunchtime on Friday this week, to give a confirmation to Stef from the Tate that we will be able to support this event, but we can likely work out the full details in the coming weeks before the event.

So I hope to hear from some of you soon with your thoughts and idea's


MIke Gorman

Defnet Media

Feb 12, 2024, 11:34:07 AMFeb 12
I'd love to take part and if someone can show me how I would love to take out the knitting machine (sam meech's machine) to produce some squares with images on - maybe images from the show or images of visitors. If they can be turned around quickly enough. I was chatting to Jackie about it last week but only for a personal project for my own image - I need new cushion covers. 

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Liz Taylor

Feb 13, 2024, 5:02:54 AMFeb 13


I’m interested in being involved in this event. Embellishment would work really well with upcycling; possibly with some boro style (Japanese visible mending) stitched patches, and patches on the embroidery machine. These wouldn't take too long to make in the gallery and really only involve one or two stitches.  I’ve put together a few images to show what I’m thinking.


embellishment upcycle ideas.pdf

Mar 11, 2024, 1:46:34 PMMar 11
to DoES Liverpool
Hi All

An update on this - the Takeover will now be on 28 April - the gallery was very busy over half term so they've decided they don't want to risk a clash with the Easter holidays (suits those who might be away then anyway).

Tam, Liz and Karen are working on textile-related workshop activities. Get in touch if you'd like to come down and help spread the word about DoES Liverpool in general.

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Plastic Tactics

Mar 26, 2024, 8:40:50 AMMar 26
From: <> on behalf of gabby (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ <>
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2024 3:59:50 PM
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Subject: Re: [DoES Liverpool] DoES Liverpool "Takeover" of Tate Liverpool exhibition
Hi there,
I'm up for setting up the AI picture thing like in the previous makefest.

- Gabby
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