In Person Freecad Users Forum?

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Wesley Brooks

Nov 3, 2021, 7:33:18 AM11/3/21
Evening All,

Raised the idea of having some sort of in person Freecad users forum. Is this still of interest?

I was thinking more of a mixed group that ranged from me giving a intro to the part design and assembly 4 work benches and perhaps stretching to those who have been experimenting with the add ons. As with coding there are many ways of doing things in FreeCAD and some work at first but can frustrate as soon as you try to develop your models.

Whats the feeling on here? Start pulling ideas together and aim to schedule the forum when there are signs of the C-19 levels dropping?

Other than getting ourselves to DoES, are there costs involved in taking up an otherwise empty time in either of the larger rooms - perhaps with a caveat that if someone comes to DoES looking to book out a room that we postpone the forum?


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Julian Todd

Dec 1, 2021, 6:02:06 AM12/1/21
to, Wesley Brooks
I'd be keen in supporting this, if it's not too late. 

There might be some different format that works, from just trying to do seminars when there aren't the people.  Call it improvised teaching. 

You could hold some drop-in regular Repair-cafe like event (maybe on the same night as livlug to give people more options to slip between meetings) with a couple of open computers where you do your own work if no one comes along.  You could throw it up on the big screen in Dinky so people don't need to get too close together.  I could take on teaching the Godot game engine at the same time.  A bigger menu attracts more customers. 

If we got familiar with the video teaching materials already out there for these different software systems, we could easily advise learners as to what they should go home and watch and work through after a few minutes going over stuff with them.  Then they'd come back next week having done the homework for the next consultation.  Could be a pretty efficient way of doing it.


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Adrian McEwen

Dec 1, 2021, 7:02:08 AM12/1/21

I meant to reply to this at the time, and then got sidetracked and didn't.  I'd be up for attending something like this.

Michael Dales used to run Fusion 360 Show and Tell sessions at Cambridge Makespace - - which could be another option, doing a FreeCAD version of that.

Your idea also reminds me of the Social Media Clinics that used to run in the mid-2000s — drop-in sessions for people to learn or get advice.

I don't mind too much what the format is, but would like to attend!



Wesley Brooks

Dec 6, 2021, 5:12:42 AM12/6/21
to, Adrian McEwen,

Got myself a little swamped right now but I am still keen. Excuse me if I've missed other responses, but I think you two are the only responses so far. I need to come and clear my pigeon hole out of mailed credit card offers! :-D

How do we do this? Do we need to pay for a room at does, or just initially keep it informal for DoES folk on a mid day timeslot that rarely gets booked? If the format works then expansion to a wider audience could be considered later? Likewise I could try to pitch it to St Helens chambers as a training session if it works well!

It has been a while since I heard what Julian was up to with CNC routing / g-code generation side and tinkering under the bonnet of FreeCAD rather than my pure users perspective.

User perspective weaknesses are still in the rounding/filleting of edges and dynamic assemblies, but assemblies for  static visualisation are fine. Perhaps I'm asking too much of a CAD program but I'd love to be able to use it to model motion of linkages such as the following: (excuse my mono-tone delivery!) Ideal would be expanding to multi-link suspension, but I think that might be more for a robot modelling software.

Aim for new year?


Brewed Up Research Products & Services Limited

c/o DoES Liverpool, The Tapestry, 68 - 76 Kempston Street, Liverpool, L3 8HL, United Kingdom.

Company Number: 11602997

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jackie pease

Dec 6, 2021, 5:42:13 AM12/6/21
to, Adrian McEwen,

I'd be interested too. Although I'm working from DoES at the moment, midday wouldn't usually be good for me as I have to work office hours. If it's free and open to everyone then you shouldn't need to pay. There should be plenty of room availability at the moment.


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Karen Scott

Dec 7, 2021, 8:56:54 AM12/7/21

I would be interested in the Freecad users group. I am an absolute novice, but keen to learn. I signed up for the Mersey Combined Authority Digital Skills Bootcamp for either Digital Design or Autocad way back in August but they still haven't got a provider to deliver these.



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