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Anthony Durrant

May 5, 2010, 11:57:40 PM5/5/10
to Doctor Snuggles
First, I want to warn you that the server Geocities collapsed last
fall, collapsing a number of websites in its wake. If your site was
part of Geocities, I'm glad you ejected just in time.

Second, I want to repeat what I said in an e-mail I sent you that
produced only a Mailer Demon: That I watched Dr. Snuggles as a boy
and was always delighted by what I saw. In fact, the epsode MATILDA
JUNKBOTTOM inspired the idea of using an atomic clock as the heart of
an android in one of my own stories. Could Dr. Snuggles's creator
have seen GENE RODDENBERRY'S THE QUAESTOR TAPES? The android in that
TV movie uses an atomic reactor as a heart - very similar to my own
idea. Your series also inspired an incident in my story THE REBIRTH
OF THE AVENGERS - which you can read in the (what was it called, now?)
Fan Essays and Reports section - in which a small robot called Oscar
is fused into the chest of a cybernaut named Mrs. Peel in order to
serve as her heart.

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