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Nov 19, 2007, 1:43:55 PM11/19/07
to Doctor Snuggles
Hello, everybody!

A bit of background...

It was back in 1981 when I first saw a Dr. Snuggles cartoon: the one
with the big balloon race and the octopi. Although I only caught the
last half of that episode, I was hooked then and there; every week at
that time, on WPIX (I lived in downstate New York State (U.S.A.) at
the time) channel 11, I was THERE.

It remains one of the absolute best cartoons ever. And I'm 41 years of
age, so I've seen a few!

Sadly, after a while, they stopped running them (for obvious

How long was it until I could see them again, especially as I am
unable to afford the DVDs?

Less than a week ago, on YouTube. It was only recently that these
computers could handle it.

The cartoon episode was the one posted by Sebastioncloud, the one with
the stolen water.

Let me tell you, that was a BLAST FROM THE PAST! Since that computer
also had earphones, I could not only watch it, I could hear it, too,
and the voices and sounds were half of the joy. 26 years, where has
that time gone? So much has changed.

This cartoon was one of the inspirations for my own artwork and
stories. Not to worry; inspiration, not rip-off, it is quite original.
Besides, in 1981, I didn't even have the talent to steal anything!

Thank you, Sebastioncloud, for allowing me to actually see an episode
after more than a quarter of a century.

Jeffrey O'Kelly

Apr 2, 2016, 2:02:28 PM4/2/16
to Doctor Snuggles
I am happy that you enjoyed Doctor Snuggles on Youtube and that it inspired your work. I put it on the net for all my lovely fans so that they could take a trip down memory lane and also I hoped to entertain new fans . Happy Days and Happy Dreams from Doctor Snuggles himself
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