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Stephen Douglas Scotti

May 4, 2020, 4:09:29 PM5/4/20
to docker-dev
I currently have a setup on a dedicated server where I am running a number of apps.  It is an UBUNTU 18.04 OS, base install and I have to modify that fairly extensively to get all of the tools and packages installed to the point where I can run all of may applications.

Basically need:

Desktop Manager:  Gnome
VNC Server
LAMP / XAMPP stack (MySQL or Maria) with GUI tool
Postgres Database
Bunch of Development Tools like Node.js, NVM, yarn, C compiler, Cmake, etc.

I have not used Docker that much except to run existing images.

Is it possible to create my own image with the core packages and configuration that I want and then save that locally so that I can run it as a VM on my main server ?

Is there a way to then have all of the data separate in a container somehow, so that the base image is relatively static and the container contains all of my data, like database, web server virtual hosts, etc.

I'd like to be able to somewhat protect the main server and easily backup my base install and the data, so I can move them around from server to server without too much trouble. is probably a good place to start, but maybe someone can suggest another source that addresses specifically what I am asking, thanks.

There must be some base images out there that already have a number of the things that I want.  Can I start with one of those, modify it, and then save that locally so I have my own slightly modified base image to start with.

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