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Jack Kutzer

May 31, 2022, 3:27:06 PM5/31/22
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I am trying to write a date format for this sentence in our legal documents:
Turning this:

Executed on this _________________________ day of __________________, 2022, A.D. 

Into this:
Executed on this 15th day of June, 2022, A.D.

I have tried these formats to get to the 

Format === Preview  - June 15, 2022

${DayDate::date::Do} === 15th

${MonthYYYYDate::date::MMM, YYYY} === Jun, 2022

${MonthYYYYDate2::date::Do of MMM, YYYY} === 15th of Jun, 2022

${MonthYYYYDate3::date::Do day of MMM, YYYY} === 15th 3pm22 of Jun, 2022

${MonthYYYYDate4::date::Do “day of” MMM, YYYY} === 15th "3pm22 of" Jun, 2022

${MonthYYYYDate5::date::Do ‘day of’ MMM, YYYY} === 15th '3pm22 of' Jun, 2022

${MonthYYYYDate6::date::day} === 3am22

${MonthYYYYDate7::date::day of} === 3pm22 of

Basically, trying to get some literal text in the date format, but it appears to be resolving 'day of' to 3pm22 for this date.

Any solution, suggestions, ideas...



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