DMX + Audio Real-Time Processing (in processing)

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Dec 16, 2009, 9:48:01 PM12/16/09
to DmxSimple
I've made a quick program in processing that triggers the DMX lighting
(via dmx simple's serial to DMX code on the arduino). It's practically
what I've handed in for an assignment but I used my own designed
filters instead of using the minim filters (Java Sound API) in this

I need to clean up the triggers a bit but i've been asked if I could
share the code on the project so here it is:

The processing sketch has a simple easy GUI with sliders that
multiplies the audio levels and also controls the triggering. It also
takes it's signal from the line-in or input of the computer (make sure
you change the input to line in from mic on a macbook).

Channels in example code:
Low Pass Filter - RED - DMX channel 1
Band Pass Filter - Blue - DMX channel 2
High Pass Filter - Green - DMX channel 3
DMX channel 4 - Set to 255 (Full on)

[You may need to alter the channels according to your DMX setup]

Hopefully if I have time I'll release a better version of this. I'm
also thinking about maybe working on mapping the DMX to a QWERTY
keyboard/midi keyboard/drum machine so you could experiment with live
performance human controlled DMX music lighting.

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