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Hannah Tarver

Sep 2, 2022, 12:13:07 AM9/2/22
Hello, all - 

Apologies again for the late notice about the meeting this week.  I've been tied up with end-of-fiscal year stuff and it got away from me.

We decided to meet again in two weeks (this would be the regularly-scheduled time if we had not had an extra meeting) since waiting any longer would put it too close to DLF Forum.  Of course, we have the notes in the agenda, but I wanted to mention some highlights to keep in mind:

(1) If you are going to be at DLF Forum and plan to attend the AIG working session, do you have opinions about the format you'd like to see?  
  --  In particular: would you prefer to hear a standardized statement from the groups about the work they are doing, or a less formal conversation with the group?  
  --  Do you have any thoughts about what would be most productive or beneficial or enjoyable?
  --  The proposed questions for each cub-group are listed in the agenda ( & we can discuss at the next meeting how we might answer them for the MWG

(2) If you see anything on the website that needs to be fixed or updated, let Kate know or submit a ticket.

(3) If you see anything on our other web presences (e.g., the wiki) that need to be fixed or updated, let me and Rachel know.

(4) The next meeting is September 22, 2022 at the usual time.  Hope you can make it!

Thanks, everyone & I hope that the school year is starting off on the right foot for those of you who are on campuses,


Tarver, Hannah

Sep 2, 2022, 12:15:17 AM9/2/22
The next meeting is September 15.  Clearly my brain is mush this week.



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