Iraq: Open letter to Saudi Arabia igt. the peace-plan (0432)

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Kall, Mogens

Mar 25, 2003, 3:01:38 PM3/25/03
Input News:
TV2 TTV s158 tir 25 Mar (2003, CET) 19:53:23

Saudi-Arabien foreslår fredsplan

Saudi-Arabien har fremlagt en plan for
fred i Irak for såvel USA som den
irakiske ledelse.

Det oplyser den saudiske udenrigsmini-
ster prins Saud al-Faisal.

"Vi afventer en positiv respons. Vi er
ikke blevet afvist," siger prins Saud
al-Faisal på et pressemøde i hovedsta-
den Riyadh. han har ikke afsløret
detaljer om planen.

I går krævede de arabiske landes uden-
rigsministre på et møde i Egypten, at
USA standsede krigsførelsen i Irak
--- 25. mar 16:15 --------------------------

Input memory from Al-Jazeera 25/3-03:

"Vi er Saddams
elitesoldater i Ninawa.
Vi vil slå amerikanerne ihjel,
og vi vil dræbe dem,
der ikke slår amerikanerne ihjel."

Jeg (og andre) forbeholder os - til ENHVER tid - ret til at
retsforfølge bl.a. Saddam Hussein ved den Internationale
Domstol i Haag, om nødvendigt in absentia, hvilket kan få
alvorlige konsekvenser for et eventuelt asyl-land for Saddam
Hussein (og andre).

You MUST understand this:

Lord Shawcross, Nürembreg prosecutor 1945, says i.r.t. the trial:

"The purpose was a twofold:
The first was retribution; the punishment of people,
who'd launched this war against the world, and not only
the war, but also - prior to the commencement of the war
and during it - had, of course, committed the most ter-
rible crimes against humanity as, for instance, by exter-
minating, and certainly 7 million jews.
The second purpose of the trial was that we hoped to
lay down the rules of international law of the future.
Not only making the waging of aggressive war unlawful,
but, for the first time, making the statesmen, who led
their countries into an aggressive war, personally re-
sponsible for what, they had done."

By giving a dictator asylum - for instance in Your country - You are
only sending out this wrong message:

"Just do Your crime - nobody will harm You."

Maybe You can stop this war (and this is a good thing), but You are
also (by this) building up the NEXT WAR ...

... and óne day, this war will kill us all (3. world war).

We better STOP this bad ongoing process NOW!

I'm not a muslim, but I find MANY linies in the Qu'ran, which give
us a good reason to take this step foreward:

Put Saddam Hussein on trial (in absentia) at the International C...

DADDY-Break (2003-03-25, CET 20:51):

- "Det skal du (copy Hague).

Yes, my Lord!

Put Saddam Hussein on trial (in absentia) at the International Court of
Justice - DO IT NOW !!!

Yours respectfully
Mogens Kall
The servant of Michael

Iraq: Open letter to Saudi Arabia igt. the peace-plan (0432)

DADDY-Break (2003-03-25, CET 19:57):
- "Det skal du - Jeg beordrer dig (svar via dk.politik)!"
- "Det skal du (copy SA)."

This file has been send to
The government of Saudi Arabia
The International Court of Justice

Time for OUTPUT:
2003-03-25, Tuesday, CET 21:01

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