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Nov 29, 2003, 3:45:14 PM11/29/03
The Parable of the Fig Tree
The Passage:
Matt. 24:32-34; Mark 13:28-32; Luke 21:29-33)

The Parameters:
Matt 24:29-31 says that the events occur "after the tribulation" or "at the
end of the tribulation" so we are in a post-tribulation time frame.

Jesus says "learn a lesson from the fig tree." This does not mean interpret
what the fig tree is.

Luke 21:31 says when you see all these things happening (in the
tribulation), know that the kingdom of God is near. The tribulation ushers
in the kingdom. (We don't know it is a millenium until Revelation.)

The Problem
The question: What do these signs mean? What should the response of those
who will see the signs of the Second Advent be?

The Presentation
This follows a logical progression: what is the expectation from the
appearance of leaves?

Matt 24:32 When you see the leaves sprouting, you know that summer is coming
soon. In the same way, when you see the signs which Jesus has been talking
about, you know the next events that you are expecting are near. What events
were they expecting? The second coming (Matt 24:3)

vs. 33 Some people use the "you" to refer only to the disciples. They deny
the possibility of an editorial or indefinite second person plural. They say
"you" can't refer to anybody other than the disciples. We do this all the
time. We say something like, "When you ride your bike, you should wear a
helmet." We really mean, when anybody rides a bike, they should wear a
helmet." Paul said, "but we who are alive and remain ..." That does not mean
the rapture had to have occurred because Paul had to be included...
Therefore, the "you" is whoever might see these events.

"recognize that He is near.." NIV changes this to "it is near" (referring to
the kingdom) but "He" is A better translation. But that is not a problem
because when Messiah is near, so is the kingdom.

vs. 34 This generation is not the disciples. It is the generation that sees
the signs. What signs? The events of the Tribulation. So, the generation
that sees the events of the Tribulation will see the second coming of

Verses 34 and 35 give us the idea of imminency (it will take place soon -
for that generation) and inerrancy (it is sure to happen.)

Heaven and earth will pass away after the Millenium. Then a new heaven and
earth will be created.

The Point
The events of the tribulation will announce the imminency of the second
coming and the fulfillment of the promises of the earthly kingdom on earth.

The Particulars
The fig tree does not have a direct correlation to anything -- like the
nation of Israel. Jesus is just using the imagery that when the leaves
sprout, you know that something else is right around the corner -- the fruit
is about to appear.... (Although the fig tree represents Israel elsewhere,
that doesn't mean it has to represent Israel here. Notice that Jesus does
not say, "When you see the fig tree planted, know...." He says, "When you
see the leaves...know..." ) Jesus could have used another type of tree for
the analogy. It is not important that it is a fig tree.

The generation in its context. "This generation" does not refer to a 40 year
period of time. Some have taken it that way (like Hal Lindsey who wrote a
book called, The Terminal Generation. They start the countdown from some
event like the founding of the nation of Israel in 1948 and countdown 40
years, thinking that the rapture and tribulation would happen by 1988. Now
Hal Lindsey says he is sorry he wrote that.) Some guy wrote a book called 88
reasons for the rapture in 1988. Then he revised it and changed the title to
89 reasons for the rapture in 1989. Why is it that if the Son of Man doesn't
know the day or hour (Mk 13:32), some think they do know? The "Generation"
is a group of people alive to see the events.

The Principles
The certainty of prophetic judgment should cause one to examine one's faith.
Are you ready for Christ's return? This doesn't mean you have to doubt your
salvation. It is just nice to know that you know. It is a confidence factor.

The prophetic Word of God is as sure and secure as the rest of His message.
(vs. 35)

Matt 3:2, 4:17, 10:1-23 are all talking about the nearness of the kingdom,
but after the rejection in 13:, there are no more uses of engeken until the
olivet discourse in Mat 24. When you see the tribulation, then the kingdom
of God is near.

That is why I see an offer, rejection, and postponement of the kingdom. This
is in reference to the earthly kingdom. Not to deny that there are spiritual
aspects of the kingdom in effect now.

After Jesus tells the parable of the fig tree, He gives several brief
parables to show what the response one should have when he sees the signs.

Kall, Mogens

Nov 29, 2003, 5:46:06 PM11/29/03
"jørgen" skrev (news:3fc905a8$0$69984$

Interrupt from file 0694:

DADDY-Break (2003-11-29, CET 23:06):
- "Det må du gerne (Output)."

I have a question, Joergen !

You wrote this messade:

Subject: Dyrets mærke
Message 1 in thread
From: Lyrik
Newsgroups: dk.livssyn.kristendom
Date: 2001-12-02

Hvad er dyrets mærke som der tales om i Åb 13,16-18 ?


... Do You remember the day ? - It was a sunday (a day of the Lord).

We know, that on this day a man rose from the death in Nigeria, Africa!
(The time was around CET 17:30, some hours later than Your message)

We do also know, that Your message have a "markpointer" (=666), and
that this number have 2 "horns" (Rev 13,11).

If we mix these numbers together (666 * 2), then the number (1332) is
point'ing on GOOD FRIDAY (langfredag) the year 1998 (10. April).

We also found out, that the number is 2331 (if you read it backwards like
judes and arabs are doing). ...

Heaven-Break (2003-11-29, CET 23:16):
- "Login ... "

Luke 23,31 is pointing from GOOD FRIDAY into the FUTURE
(just a momenth before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ).

Yesterday, Mr. Paw, found the "missing link" to Luke 23,32:
> "But I was like a gentle lamb taken to be put to death;
> I had no thought that they were designing evil against me,
> saying, Come and let us make trouble his food, cutting
> him off from the land of the living, so that there may be
> no more memory of his name." Jeremiah 11:19.

In today's english version, it's written:
"... Let's chop down the tree while it is still healthy..."

But we are still missing a lot !!!


My question is this:

What happened on 2. dec 2001 in your life, Joergen ?

Why did you put the message out (on this day) ?

What was you thinking and feeling ?


Can you help us ?
(please do it in simpe english, so that we all can understand)

We want to find out, but we don't understand (like 1.Pet.1,12b) !

Please, help !!!



Transmission END.


Jesus-Break (2003-06-30, CET 07:47):
0638 news:eSTLa.3621$

- "Please - Follow Me."

Jesus-Break (2003-Hebr. 04,12, CET 09:43):
(The GarbageMan)
0528 news:ICPla.15108$

- "Min fred efterlader Jeg jer."

(means: Peace is what I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you.)

Jesus-Break (2003-08-16, CET 18:54:10):
0660 news:Aa90b.51751$

- "Det vil Jeg (bad: Herre Jesus - Isa - Bed for os, Rom. 8,26.34)."

(means: I will pray for you all, Rom. 8,26.34)

Jesus-DADDY-Break (2003-11-16, CET 09:52):
0741 news:Q%Gtb.34424$

"Jeg BESVÆRGER jer, Jerusalems døtre - "
- "I will keep My PROMISES!"

Jesus-Break (2003-11-24, CET 22:30):
- "det må du gerne (citat fra Rev 22,20)."
0787 news:0Uuwb.46317$

Thank You, Jesus:

Jesus says (Rev 22,20):
- "... I am coming SOON!"

DADDY-Break (2003-11-18, CET 11:16:47):
0773 news:Grmub.36682$

- "Hold fred med hverandre."

(means: keep peace with one-another, John 13,34-35)

Guds fred (til alt Hans folk)
Peace-from-God (to all His people)

with love from
Mogens Kall
The servant of Michael

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Re: L.Kristi's spørgsmål
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Nov 29, 2003, 9:07:08 PM11/29/03

Jørgen skrev

>Jesus says, "learn a lesson from the fig tree."

>This does not mean interpret what the fig tree is.

Well, of course it doesn't...
On the other hand:

>...This is in reference to the earthly kingdom.
Says who?.. Then, I tend to agree.
My proposal: Let's continue in Danish.

At tyde tidens tegn, Luk. 12, v54:

"Han sagde også til skarerne: »Når I ser en sky
trække op i vest, siger I straks: Der kommer regn!
Og det gør der. v55: Når I ser, at det blæser fra
syd, siger I: Det bliver varmt! Og det bliver det.
v56: I hyklere, jordens og himlens /udseende/
forstår I at tyde; hvorfor forstår I så ikke at tyde
denne *tid? v57: Og hvorfor skønner I ikke ud
fra jer selv, hvad der er det rette?«
<><> Opslag
under *tid. {//} Fremhævet af undertegnede.

Ja, tidsånden {Chronos} er et kapitel for sig.
Hans appetit på livet skulle jfr. mytologien
være så stor at han æder sine egne børn.

Mvh, paw.


Nov 29, 2003, 11:30:49 PM11/29/03
Mogens skrev

>Luke 23,31 is pointing from GOOD FRIDAY
> into the FUTURE (just a momenth before
> the Second Coming of Jesus Christ).

Good gracious, Mogens, en kyndig læge ville
ordinere dig en god gang kristen meditation
- hvis dit hoved skal kunne holde til ræset.
Vi har et lille problem i gruppen, som du
måske har bemærket - med temperament
og tålmodighed, så det gør noget...

Mht. ovenst. henvisning, så drejer det sig
åbenbart om at Jesus tiltaler Simon med
ordene: »Se, Satan begærede jer for at
sigte jer som hvede.« Og fortsætter i v.32:
»Men jeg bad for dig, at din tro ikke må
glippe. Og når du engang omvender dig,
da styrk mine brødre.«

Altså: Simon var så langt henne som i
det ang. kapitel, efter Jesus' vurdering,
slet ikke omvendt - læs, blevet kristen!
Hvilket siger noget om forskellen på en
medløber og en sand troende... Ja, hvad
Jesus her taler om er vel at betragte som
en fornuftsmæssigt udefinerbar sag.

Nu er jeg stadig ikke helt klar over hvor
du vil hen. Der synes at være flere tråde
i den fuglerede af et indlæg. Din meddelse
var jo heller ikke stilet til mig - og således
vedrører det muligvis ikke sagen.

Mvh, paw.


Nov 30, 2003, 6:20:26 AM11/30/03

"Kall, Mogens" <> skrev i en meddelelse

> What happened on 2. dec 2001 in your life, Joergen ?
> Why did you put the message out (on this day) ?
> What was you thinking and feeling ?

Jeg kan ærlig talt ikke huske noget fra den dag.
Var der sket noget specielt ville jeg have kunnet huske det.

mvh jørgen.

Kall, Mogens

Nov 30, 2003, 7:32:01 AM11/30/03
"jørgen" skrev (news:3fc9d278$0$27461$

> > What happened on 2. dec 2001 in your life, Joergen ?
> >
> > Why did you put the message out (on this day) ?
> >
> > What was you thinking and feeling ?
> Jeg kan ærlig talt ikke huske noget fra den dag.
> Var der sket noget specielt ville jeg have kunnet huske det.

Tak Jørgen - det var sødt af dig at svare.

Hvis du nu en dag kommer i tanke om noget, gider du så berette om det ?

På forhånd tak.

Hav en god dag.


Transmission END.


Thank You, Jesus:



(Dansk Europamission)


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Re: I have a question, Joergen
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