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Jan Brugge

Feb 12, 2005, 6:45:49 AM2/12/05
The Brugge Homepage from the Netherland and Germany

The familyname Brugge is widespread and of frequent occurence in the
Netherlands as well in Great-Britain, Canada and America. In the province of
Zeeland, Noor-Holland and Groningen there is a large number of people with
the familyname Brugge.

In Groningen the name Brugge is of frequent occurrence in and around
Hoogezand-Sappemeer. As well in Groningen, the procincial town, this branch
is nice representatived.

Out of my investigation has occured that the name Brugge was known in
Great-Britain since 1328, and I must assume that this, according many German
firstnames, the name Brugge originally is from Germany.

My attention is now focused on to map out the family Brugge in Groningen.
This branch Is originally from Germany. 12-02-1757, in the place
Haren-Munsterland, Berent Hendriks Brügge was born. He married Helena
(Leentje) Jans on the 16th of November 1781 in a Cathlic church in
Kleinemeer. This is a hamlet near Sappemeer. He established himself there as
a tailor in Kiel-Winneweer and stayed there until his death.

If you have any interest in this branch or any material in the shape of
documents, photographs Or other material please contact me! During 250 years
the Brugges were flying all directions all over the Netherlands and the rest
of the world. Do you know or do you have any idea that your parents,
grandparents are from the north of the Netherlands, mail me so I can go on
with your information.

Have a nice day

Jan Brugge

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