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Feb 25, 2008, 1:15:42 PM2/25/08
to Django users
Yvan Seth did a good job presenting a few discussion forum
applications for Django in his blog entry [1] from December 2007.

I'm now in the same position as Yvan was - I need to integrate a
simple forum application to a Django site. I thought I'd share the
results of my evaluation and allow contributions by placing the
information on a page in the Django wiki [2].

I'm concentrating on the specific features I need at this time, namely
- posting without registration
- moderation before publishing the messages
- e-mail notification (at least for the administrator)

Unfortunately none of the web pages of the applications made it clear
to which extent these features are implemented, so I'll have to
install and test each of the apps or contact the authors. Expect
results soon on the wiki page.

Feel free to add more applications and features in the comparison
table. I'll also insert any information posted on this thread to the
wiki page.



Feb 26, 2008, 3:32:09 AM2/26/08
to Django users

i have tried to fill out the table for my project (sphene community
tools). but.. umm..
"500 Internal Server Error (Submission rejected as potential spam)"

to sum it up:

On Feb 25, 7:15 pm, akaihola <> wrote:
> - posting without registration
yes, can be configured (if captures are enabled, anonymous users have
to answer them)

> - moderation before publishing the messages
currently no - it is actually implemented in the models that messages
can be set to be hidden and this is already honored when showing
threads and posts - but a admin UI is missing so moderators could
approve messages and it would require changes in the code to make
newly created posts hidden by default ..

> - e-mail notification (at least for the administrator)
only for registered users

hope this answers your questions ;) .. don't let that hinder you from
trying out SCT yourself ;)


p.s. this was my modification:
<td><a href=""
title="Sphene Community Tools">Sphene</a></td>
<td>Herbert Poul</td>
<td title="guest-post">yes (including captures)</td>
<td title="notify">email (for registered users)</td>
<td title="moderate">no</td>


Mar 14, 2008, 11:53:44 AM3/14/08
to Django users
I've extended the page by comparing four more application features and
adding more data about the features of different apps.

I'm leaning towards the idea of augmenting the django-threadedcomments
app with a Topic (or Thread) model and possibly a Forum model. This
way I'd get both a "stand-alone" forum and the ability to attach
comments to arbitrary objects.
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