Cash on Delivery and Bank Payment methods

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Lumír Jasiok

Jul 18, 2016, 9:00:22 AM7/18/16
to django-oscar

I'd like to implement multiple payment methods (COD and BankPayment) and let users to select one that fits their needs. 

What is the easiest (right) way to implement those two payment methods?



Jul 19, 2016, 3:04:09 AM7/19/16
to django-oscar
I do not know if there is a 'best' way to implement those two payments methods but here is what I have done on my project one month ago. Hope this helps.

1) override template 'oscar/checkout/payment_details.html' to list all available payment methods available to user (in my case : paypal, bankcheck and banktransfer).
Updated template should be located at 'my_project/templates/checkout/payment_details.html'
and oscar checkout app should have been forked (Oscar documentation explains how to fork an Oscar app).
For instance, code below allows user to choose 'banktransfer payment' in updated template :
<div class="well"> <div class="sub-header"> <h3>{% trans "Bank Transfer payment" %}</h3> </div> <p>{% trans "Click on the below icon to use Bank Transfer payment . Bank details will be sent to you once order is validated :"%} <div style="overflow:auto"><a href="{% url 'banktransfer-payment-details' %}" title="{% trans "Transfer" %}" class="btn btn-primary btn-md" role="button">{% trans "Continue" %} </a>&nbsp;</div> </div>

2) for 'my_project' project, create a new app for each new payment method (in my case, 2 new apps : bankcheck and banktransfer. I did not create a new app for paypal because I relied on django-oscar-paypal).
For each new app, subclass oscar class 'PaymentDetailsView' in app and override method 'handle_payment', for instance :
class PaymentDetailsView(PaymentDetailsView):
    template_name_preview = 'banktransfer/preview.html'
    preview = True
    def handle_payment(self, order_number, total, **kwargs):
        Complete payment with banktransfer
        example total= Price(currency='EUR', excl_tax=Decimal('15.00'), incl_tax=Decimal('15.00'), tax=Decimal('0.00'))
        # Record payment source and event
        source_type, is_created = SourceType.objects.get_or_create(
        source = Source(source_type=source_type,
                        amount_debited=0 # consider no payment so far

3) If needed, implement handle_post_checkout in order to catch checkout signal and do postprocessing when orders are checked out, for instance :
def handle_post_checkout(sender, **kwargs):
    order = kwargs['order']
    user = kwargs['user']
    request = kwargs ['request']
    response = kwargs ['response']
    # new order : build invoice, send invoice to user, send email to admin, etc


Mar 9, 2021, 4:18:42 AMMar 9
to django-oscar
Hello any updates on this payment method?
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