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Lenz Hirsch

Aug 2, 2017, 11:54:40 PM8/2/17
to django-haystack
 Does anybody know why I am getting the output "<WSGIRequest: GET '/XXXX/'>" when running rebuild_index for all pages with POST data contact forms? 

Removing all documents from your index because you said so.
All documents removed.
Indexing 140 pages
<WSGIRequest: GET '/3M/'>
<WSGIRequest: GET '/zugangsdaten-anfordern/'>
<WSGIRequest: GET '/benutzerdaten-aendern/'>
<WSGIRequest: GET '/request-offer/'>

Thanks! :)

Subhranath Chunder

Aug 22, 2017, 11:58:52 PM8/22/17
to django-...@googlegroups.com
`rebuild_index` normally doesn't make GET WSGIRequest calls during index rebuild process, unless there is any specific custom code written to do so.

Infact WSGIRequest looks like django specific requests being initiated in this case.

Your implementation of the SearchIndex should be the place to look for it. Specifically the `index_queryset` and `prepare` methods might be a good place to start with.


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Subhranath Chunder.
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