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Oct 22, 2013, 10:59:23 AM10/22/13
to django-ha...@googlegroups.com

hey all,

As you may have noticed, we got a PR to replace the elasticsearch client
with the newly-released (or 'Beta', quoting the setup.py) official
client. The interface looks nearly identical, and the tests pass (if
you run against their master). Its mergable, as the only conflict was
due to a recently merged in ES backend bugfix, its only a couple lines.

In short, are there any objections? I'm not familiar enough with ES to
say, but it would appear that using the official client would be
beneficial to us down the line.


-- Justin

Dan Watson

Oct 22, 2013, 11:18:14 AM10/22/13
to django-ha...@googlegroups.com
I think we definitely want to move to the official client at some point. I have two relatively minor concerns at this point, though:

1. Despite being the official python implementation going forward, it's not as mature or production-tested as pyelasticsearch. Not a dealbreaker for merging into master, but it will require some time before our next release to shake everything out. I'd like to continue to beef up the ES tests, as well.

2. There's a small chicken/egg problem, since Honza doesn't want to release an update until we pull/test. But once we do, people won't simply be able to "pip install elasticsearch", since they'll need the master branch. If ES is planning on release 0.4.3 anyway, I think we should contact Honza, let him know the tests pass, and wait for the next release before pulling. It's one less hiccup.


Daniel Lindsley

Oct 27, 2013, 4:47:17 PM10/27/13
to Dan Watson, django-ha...@googlegroups.com
Following up on this. I merge his branch locally & ran the ES tests under both Python 2.X & Python 3.X. The tests were great under 2.X, but lots of failures under 3.X (~20/5/3). I pinged him about it & hopefully we’ll be able to get it sorted in short order.

Also, Honza did roll a release after I talked to him on IRC, so the install story is taken care of.

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