v2.2.0 and future releases

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Chris Adams

Aug 3, 2014, 7:47:29 PM8/3/14
to django-ha...@googlegroups.com
I just released 2.2.0:

Big thanks to Honza for refactoring the entire test suite so it's much easier to work with. I've been updating old PRs and issues now that it's easier to run the tests. The new docs haven't built on RTD under the versioned URL yet but they are available under master:

Currently, I'm thinking that we want to have a quick 2.3.0 release with Django 1.7 compatibility as the major feature:

I've collected a few things which seem important but which aren't quick fixes in the v2.4.0 milestone to avoid the temptation to delay v2.3.0:

Does anyone have a good idea for reviewing really old issues / pull-requests? I almost want to script an update to update very old issues (prior to the release of v2.0, say) with a "please confirm this is still a problem; this issue will be closed next month" message except that it feels very corporate.



Aug 3, 2014, 7:50:18 PM8/3/14
to django-ha...@googlegroups.com
One other note: we have a lot of test code which can be simplified now that we aren't supporting venerable old versions of Python or Django. I created a ticket to start tracking areas where we can jettison now-redundant code – please update if you come across anything else which is due for modernizing:

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