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Marek Kubica

Apr 14, 2007, 8:54:32 AM4/14/07
Hi all (again),

While managing my objects in the Django admin, I can add new objects in
related fields using the (+) button which is very handy, so I don't have
to open another tab, just to create a new object of some other type. The
Django, admin even supports inline-editing which is nice as well. Now, my
related objects tend to have quite a lot of fields so I thought in would
be fine to edit in a new popup, just like I'm able to add new related
objects. The advantage is, that it does not use space when it is not
needed and does not make the edit forms more complicated (besides adding a
new button like (->), which could be even configurable).

I haven't tested the newforms-admin yet, but the wiki-page looks very
promising and I would be happy to see something like this implemented in
the newforms-admin.

So, I'd be happy to hear your feedback on this idea!

The ticket:


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