Python3 port now applied to default branch, with promising progress

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Vinay Sajip

Nov 30, 2011, 8:20:30 PM11/30/11
to Django developers
As there seemed to be some hesitation about how best to proceed with
my recent work on the features/py3k branch, I've merged the features/
py3k branch into the default branch of my repo at

and fixed most of the resulting issues. Current summary results are:

Python 2.7.2
Ran 4475 tests in 386.314s

OK (skipped=90, expected failures=3)

Python 3.2.2
Ran 4421 tests in 362.374s

FAILED (failures=3, errors=3, skipped=97, expected failures=2,
unexpected successes=1)

Summary results for this branch are at

I will be doing further work in the default branch from now on. I have
merged into the version of the upstream repo as it was today, i.e.
it's pretty up to date. The failures are more or less the same as were
occurring on the features/py3k branch. Testing is still limited to the
sqlite3 backend, but it's a good first step.

Please see if you can reproduce these results, ideally on different
platforms and backends, and post your findings.

It should now be relatively straightforward for devs to review, just
by comparing the default branches of my repo and the official mirror
at - happy reviewing!


Vinay Sajip

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