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Mark Gensler

Nov 23, 2022, 12:18:14 PM11/23/22
to Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)
Hello all!

I noticed that when calling, self.save_m2m() is not called when commit=True.

This caused an issue in one of my projects which uses a custom User model with ManyToMany fields. Is this something that should be changed? I saw in the docs [1] that it is advised to extend UserCreationForm and UserChangeForm if using a custom User model.

A few reasons I see to add this step to the method:
  • UserCreationForm is a subclass of ModelForm, which does call save_m2m() when commit=True.
  • UserChangeForm does call save_m2m() as part of save(), because the save() method is not overloaded. This seems inconsistent!
The solution I'd propose is:

class UserCreationForm(forms.ModelForm):
    def save(self, commit=True):
        user = super().save(commit=False)
        if commit:
            if hasattr(self, "save_m2m"):
        return user

I'd be happy to raise a ticket and work on a patch if this change would be useful.


Adam Johnson

Nov 27, 2022, 5:47:01 AM11/27/22
Your proposal seems reasonable - if actually saving, we should save the m2m fields too.

I think the best next step would be to file a ticket and work on a PR. The first step would be to add a test case reproducing the issue.

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Mark Gensler

Nov 27, 2022, 9:47:50 AM11/27/22
to Django developers (Contributions to Django itself)
Hi Adam, thanks for the reply. I'll open a ticket and start work on a PR. Mark
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