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Dan Kolis

Sep 7, 2022, 1:39:17 PM9/7/22
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Here is a paragraph for each of 12 videos from Syn Bio 7.0 in Singapore in 2017

9 to 12 inclusive are technical others are more likely history and/or awards etc from the conf. floor, etc. Any or all of the 12 might interest you, so of course thats the purpose of a paragraph about each. All are 20 minutes or less.

100 are in the totality, I might watch and review them all, but I picked the page of 12 that seemed the most relivant to my interests of executing actual work, no so much history and political theories. Maybe I will post more reivews, if they help you manage your time poke in a response here and I am more motovated to carefully format my ass-time on this.

URLS etc: and a neater flat file is attached.

FL: Synth Bio Conference 7.0 2017 Singapore - WWW Page 8 of 10
DE: Synth Bio 7.0 Conf video notes held 2017 in Singapore. About 12 videos; page 8 of 10

DT: 07 Sep 2022 Watched and reviewed Daniel B Kolis

These notes 12 entries as per URL Above on HTML video. 9 through 12 inclusive are technical
and informing, the others are somewhat interesting but more asperational then about
specifics of the science or technology...

These 12 reviews are one of a set of 100 total.

                            Table of contents re screen layout
  1                              2                               3
  Formalities.                   Happy talk about the conf.      Some history.

  4                              5                               6
  Geo-engineering promotion.     Textiles and Bio-engineering.   General Tech observations.

  7                              8                               9
  Bio-tech observations.         Some bio-science chat up.       Micro-tubles and wet lab.

  10                             11                              12
  Plasmid tweating and lab.      Integrases lab update.          Size and microbe growth.

1) SB7.0 Day 2 - Signing Ceremony - BioBricks Foundation
  Signature ceremony.
  4 Minutes.

2) SB7.0 Day 1 Brief Conclusion - BioBricks Foundation
  Happy talk about the conference.
  3 Minutes.    

3) SB7.0 Day 1 - Art, Critique, Design and Our World - Oron Catts - BioBricks Foundation
  Social science stuff, complaining about the status quo. 01:45. Some quotes in the
  slides. 06:00 slides about hype versus what happens. 10:00 meat without animal sources.
  1911 writing about making life in the lab 15:00. Redo of first experiments.
  20 Minutes.

4) SB7.0 Day 1 - Art, Critique, Design and Our World - Oliver Morton - BioBricks Foundation
  Starts with discussing a book about geo-engineering. 01:00. Steam engine as an example
  of something. 07:00.  
  20 Minutes.  

5) SB7.0 Day 1 - Art, Critique, Design and Our World - Jesus Ciriza Larraona - BioBricks Foundation
  Textiles as a way to harness nature as technology. 01:00. Disucssion
  20 Minutes.

6) SB7.0 - Jane Calvert - BioBricks Foundation
  Trying to do good deads and extend IP to human needs. A social engineer.
  Fancy hard to apply thinking. Metaphor 'Make a wedge now'. Says it's turning into business as
  usual. Weapons are throwing in on it hugely. Book: "Fungible life".
  20 Minutes.
7) SB7.0 Day 1 - Art, Critique, Design and Our World - Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg - BioBricks Foundation
  Starts by rattling on about PET bottles. Open question "What is better ?"
  Thought experiment about 2039 stories. 12:00 Conservation versus Syn Bio. Whats the wild look like
  in Syn Bio ? Some thought experiments.. 15:00 interesting slide. Magazine "Fungal genetics and
  biology" shown.
  20 Minutes.

8) SB7.0 Day 1 - Foundational Science - Sangram Bagh - BioBricks Foundation
  A Space ( ex ISS ) and S.B. worker. Maybe some anti-cancer stuff too. Standard
  wish i  guy who thinks life sciences is a new kind of ordinary IC.
  BioBrick dogmas. 06:30. 08:10 mRNA as a feedbacker by design. U of Toronto, India
  and MIT hookups.
  20 Minutes.

9) SB7.0 Day 1 - Foundational Science - Marileen Dogterom - BioBricks Foundation
  TU Delft Netherlands. Discussion if synthetic cell(s) making. Minimal spec
  open thinking. 03:10. 03:50 six univ in Netherlands show logos... She iike Micro tubles. 05:00
  Chromo mieosis on micro tubles video at 05:10. Measuring forces inside cells doing this. 07:00
  cool real science image(s) maybe at 07:00. Self centering micro machine. 08:00 micro pumps using
  Tubulin: "Tubulin is the protein that polymerizes into long chains or filaments that form hollow
  fibers". Her agenda long term 11:45. 12:30. Snapshot of named persons in motive forces part of
  project, currently. 14:50 slide of named persons, names of some specific mini-projects in it too.
  18 Minutes.

10) SB7.0 Day 1 - Foundational Science - Kate Adamala - BioBricks Foundation
  Dichotomy between purer Synth, and in old world in-Vivo. "Bottom up" or what. Pieces. 01:50.
  Compartments: DIY Compartments. 02:32. Oil water barriers. Energy versus thing slide 03:26.
  Usually starts with making plasmids to do things. 04:45 Fragment of sppech control of promotors
  to get DNA to listen up to designer goals. 05:50 Lower stuff inside slide. 06:40 Says libraries,
  many at once is the best notion doesn't always work all the way. 07:40 Nice slide of major ways
  to make a thing in S.B. Usual 'circuits' chat up. 08:20. Chat up on libraries not one-ofs attempts
  in her group. Trying to get some mix and match in the wet lab step. Using random arrangement,
  ( order ), to do some mix-match in the jars... Named persons at 11:06. 12:00 Trying to export
  products without blowing up the cell. 13:00 What id life look at other local planets with some s/c.
  Chat up asbout life without regular ribosomes. Trying to make dead ribosomes come alive without
  usual ribosomes. 13:34. Named persons, Univerity of Minnisota etc 15:00. 18:00 Chat up about dead
  cells coming back to life somewhat. Term "LIfe-o-meter" to measure it specifically. Kate hangs at
  U. of Minnisota specifically.
  20 Minutes.
11) SB7.0 Day 1 - Foundational Science - Femi Olorunniji - BioBricks Foundation
  A University of Glasgow fellow. Phage to Low level slide kicks this off. Key protein is an
  'integrase'. 02:14. 03:00 Slide of these developments veruss time. 03:50 Slide names proteins his
  lab uses. 04:30. Sort-of CRISPRey but more transient. 05:17. 06:15 Blots of stuff mixing and
  making new stuff this way. psi BT1 Integrase is a specific asset. 09:45 Slide naming many ways
  to use this technology. Main idea is 'Make RDFs'. 10:45 LIbrary of RDfs is a goal. 11:20 slide of
  named persons and institutions.
  13 Minutes.

12) SB7.0 Day 1 - Foundational Science - Chenli Liu - BioBricks Foundation
  Says he started as an archetect. Says S.B. is similiar. Aggregating effect of how regular life
  itself into element after element. 03:30 Modifying 'genetic circuits' to make periodic things
  change number of elements. ( promotors, modified ). 04:00 Size of microbes defines a lot as they
  start; ( examples ). 05:00. Cells usually grow faster then chromsomes. 07:15. 20 min versus
  40 min. 07:50. References, named 'laws'. 08:40 Theories of why cells decide when what happens.
  09:10. 10:34 simple formulas tests of this. 11:00 Length width changes. 11:40 FUnny experiment to
  frustrate divison to prove some theories. Pictures of this working. 12:30. Some equalities formed
  by doing this; ( numbers ). So called "SMK law". 15:00. Hows this work inside ? Simple geometries
  tell the story ( areas, volumes ). 15:45. Bactera papers named, 16:45. Chats up S.B. to set these
  params as desired. Harvard, slide of folks at 17:20.
  20 Minutes.

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