X DeLab Academic Research Experience Interview And Recruitment Invitation

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Oct 13, 2021, 2:25:46 PM10/13/21
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I'm Shou-En Tsai (aka Neal Tsai). I am a research assistant at the Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University at Hsinchu, Taiwan. One of my close friends, Stella Tsai, and I started X DeLab in June. X DeLab aims to provide a new paradigm to decentralize and democratize the academia, trying to make every researcher join the knowledge production. Therefore, we value your participation. Thank you!

【Academic research experience interview】https://reurl.cc/jgkRKy
【Join us as a partner】https://reurl.cc/RbjO3G
If you’d like to know more about our concept, feel free to read the description below.

X DeLab is a distributed academic research organization and a new blockchain platform for publishing the latest papers and evaluating academic contributions.

X DeLab provides a fair, democratized, and transparent academic environment and market by the following four functions:

(1) Paper review process is done by DAO voting and consensus mechanism.

(2) Every scholar on the X DeLab has their own wallet called Landscape to record every aspect of academic contributions. Landscape records different kinds of nontradable tokens which represent different academic contribution activities.

(3) Everyone can propose their research grants or propose openly research sponsorship (we call it Bounty Proposals on X DeLab). Users can sponsor others' research grants, publish their research papers related to the proposal on the Bounty Board, or pour their coins into one sponsorship proposal pool. All the finished research results are judged and voted by DAO members. People who join the sponsorship or sponsor other research grants can get the NFTs that record their engagements in this research after the DAO recognizes the final research results. X DeLab provides a new venture-capital-like and crowdfunding-like research grant channel.

(4) Each field can form its own DAO on X DeLab to deal with the academic behaviors in their fields. In other words, there would be multiple DAOs on X DeLab which represent every academic field, such as Biology DeLab, CS DeLab, Blockchain DeLab, or Biomedical Engineering DeLab, etc.

There are many severe and rooted structural issues in academia though our society relies on their contribution to moving on. These issues include the department or community politics, academic fraud, the exorbitant fees of the journals subscriptions, low quality and opaqueness of journal review, dragging times of waiting for submission results, etc.

Why does our status quo keep pushing away these scholars although they have substantial curiosity and zeal to explore the unknown fields? How can we let everyone devote themselves to knowledge production instead of being excluded by such a small number of universities and institutions that control too many academic resources?

Science and knowledge production should be objective and based on scientific proof instead of some people’s personal interests. 

X DeLab wants to provide a new paradigm to decentralize and democratize the academia. X DeLab will change this unfairness. 

For more details about X DeLab mechanism: https://youtu.be/k3sKCXs_uGM
We are looking forward to your reply!

Yours Sincerely,

Shou-En Tsai
Cofounder of X DeLab

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