A 16 Carbon Atom non-central Dogma expression in Yeast

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Dan Kolis

Sep 6, 2022, 12:52:29 AM9/6/22
to DIYbio
Published 2 days ago after a > year delay ( bizarre ). Pretty unnatural stuff made in Yeast.

What's this like ? a 16 C atom Benzene ring ?

All this stuff is just so off the trail; --of course it can do whatever it can do inside a living thing and not get into trouble...


Humankind relies on specialized metabolites for medicines, flavors, fragrances, and numerous other valuable biomaterials. However, the chemical space occupied by specialized metabolites, and, thus, their application potential, is limited because their biosynthesis is based on only a handful of building blocks. Engineering organisms to synthesize alternative building blocks will bypass this limitation and enable the sustainable production of molecules with non-canonical chemical structures, expanding the possible applications. Herein, we focus on isoprenoids and combine synthetic biology with protein engineering to construct yeast cells that synthesize 10 non-canonical isoprenoid building blocks with 16 carbon atoms.

Daniei B Kolis

my ref: 5 Sep 2022

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