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Michael Crone

Dec 28, 2022, 2:23:22 AM12/28/22
On your original question. It is no longer maintained so you’ll have to reach out to the network to get any genes that you might want. (Under the listing of each page it shows you who already has the gene).

Best wishes

On Wed, 28 Dec 2022 at 05:17, <> wrote:
Dan Kolis <>: Dec 27 09:13AM -0800

*Is this summary correct ?*
" The aspiration of many people in bio sciences that electronics provides
macro concepts useful for application of nucleotide sequences is essentially
incorrect. "
" These notions, ( that simplify life processes ), cannot be excised from
viable life systems, including chaperones, post translation mRNA edits,
long standing methylization attachments, and literally *hundreds of
biological effects* implemented in life as built by Mother nature, in
everything alive. "
Finally: "The reused terminology and desire to make VLSI like IDE's, ---may
be useful in development of synthetic biology, but it appears this is
almost simply a dead end. "
Is this possibly correct ?
Daniel B. Kolis
PS I saw paper saying the actual wet-lab attempts with BioBricks DB plopped
into glassware had a success rate by the applicable goals of each project
of around 2%. My belief system is that is not zero... But the notion itself
needs a full scale downgrade from first principles. What replaces it is: *MORE
what do you think ?
Daniel B. Kolis
Eric <>: Dec 27 02:58PM -0500

molecular cloning in itself as a molecular biology technique is
automatically regarded to some/most as 'biobricks' activity but its use far
predates the synthetic biology movement
Dan Kolis <>: Dec 27 12:59PM -0800

> I thought the biobricks 'story' is a uniform 'design' of promoters and so
>> on, so gene expression of novel organisms includes adding protein
>> expression with a cookie cutter uniform approach.
I'd guess this involves protocol so the urge to fulfilment is with a
predefined approach; ex cut with a certain R.I. add this or that to detect
which cells 'took', etc.
Not the major contribution of them, then ?
Isn't something akin to mail order mitosis, in in itself, barely worth a
yawn ?
Daniel B. Kolis
Abizar Lakdawalla <>: Dec 27 05:51PM -0800

are Dan Kolis answers from a random sentence generator?
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