Looking for spectrophotometer, any good DIY options?

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Jun 12, 2021, 2:09:59 PMJun 12
to DIYbio

I'm looking to buy or build a spectrophotometer for my lab. I would like to use it to determine DNA, RNA, protein, and cell culture concentrations. Based on my research I think a nanodrop style is better because of the low volume, but whatever works is fine.

The only DIY option I have found is the build here:
With a video and modification done by Justin Atkin

Anyways, both the hackteria build and Justin's modifications seem incomplete, especially for the full set of uses I would like.

Has anyone here built there own spectrophotometer or have any advice on building one?
I might end up just buying a nanodrop but considering how expensive it is I'm obviously considering all options, and definitely willing to build my own if I can get together a blueprint.

Jacob Beal

Jun 13, 2021, 12:51:50 PMJun 13
to DIYbio
The iGEM 2014 team from Aachen put together a nice low-cost DIY OD & fluorescence cuvette measurement device.
I don't know if that satisfies all of your specifications, but it's well documented and might be a nice starting point: http://2014.igem.org/Team:Aachen/OD/F_device


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