Casual use for Oxford type Sequencers for Methylation, especially

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Dan Kolis

Apr 27, 2023, 10:55:56 AM4/27/23
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A general question I suppose...

Especially regarding use of these things:

Here is a question or three:

This might accidentally be 'real science' but I'm more amped to ask it as a side-projecty urge.

For you'all that have pore sequencers all around, etc is is common ok etc to do your self for some quirky narrowly defined purpose ?

I mean, I visualise the lack of disposable materials to do an assay, especially is a game changer to using the thing. This is not like an Illumia with a $500 bucket of stuff to dispose of to use once...

Ex: I have read up a lot about Methylation and the hook right into Epigenetics.  Has anybody just done a self dump with the added  goop; ( Bisulphite ? ) and look to see a daily or weekly change due to lifestyle or some other environmental thing ?

a Base pair FASTQ of DNA is fine of 'real' DNA, sure but especially casual use for Epigenetics is the open question, like DIY bio sample, some little fooling and see even more sticking to it here and there... 'Just FOR FUN mostly'

Daniel B. Kolis

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