Experience ordering from DSMZ German culture collection?

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Patrik D'haeseleer

Nov 11, 2021, 8:20:38 PM11/11/21
to diy...@googlegroups.com, jim...@protonmail.com
Does anyone have experience ordering strains from the big German culture collection DSMZ (link)? Looks like they vet each new lab registration by hand, and I'm not sure how they will look at a non-academically affiliated community lab, let alone one located in a different country...

The organism we're interested in is a Risk Group 1 anaerobic bacteria - wasn't able to find it at ATCC here in the US (which is also a bit of a pain to register with).


ATG start

Nov 12, 2021, 4:56:42 PM11/12/21
to diy...@googlegroups.com, jim...@protonmail.com
Hi, German regulation is very strict against non academic group. So you can try but without affiliation with a university it will be hard. Just try 😉

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