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Mar 20, 2014, 5:14:39 PM3/20/14
Hi everyone,
You surely heard about the accellerator funding projects. 

Does anyone want to participate - but has no idea? 
I have an idea but it may be that I cannot be physically present in Cork (most of the time or even at all).

This is one of my favorit projects I finally want to do. It wil greatly benefit the environment if it works. And maybe we can earn some money for further projects! 
But you must be confortable that your genetically engineered organism may be released into the environment (in compliance with EPA, of course)

What you *really* need: need to be able to 

- aseptically work with DNA 
- aseptically add TE buffer to lyophilized DNA; 
- aseptically take some DNA and put it into a tube with other liquids

What would be nice if you already know: 

- perhaps amplify DNA in E coli, 
- subcloning skills

Would love to hear from you! 

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