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Cathal Garvey

Feb 18, 2014, 7:59:23 AM2/18/14
to diybio,,
Hi all,
I'm over halfway through the IndieBB campaign, and slightly below 25%
funded. Things aren't, if I'm honest, looking rosy. Consequently I'd
like to better understand what factors are most important to people in
choosing whether or not to support the project.

I could just put a query out on the list, but then people would feel shy
about responding publicly. So, I've dived into surveymonkey and made a
survey; I promise not to dig into the identities of respondants, I'm not
interested in *who* you are, just *what you think of IndieBB*.

So, if you could please spare a minute for my single-page survey and
help me better understand the diybio community's DNA-related desires:

Thank you all!

Please help support my crowdfunding campaign, IndieBB: Currently at
24.2% of funding goal, with 24 days left:
T: @onetruecathal, @IndieBBDNA
P: +3538763663185

Nathan McCorkle

Feb 19, 2014, 12:26:33 PM2/19/14
to diybio,,, Cathal Garvey
On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 9:18 AM, SC <> wrote:
> Some friendly suggestions:
> If your main goal is to make money by selling the kit, forget crowdsourcing
> and go straight for the payout.

But he's not got a product yet, the crowdfunding is for development.
Carolina's not gonna pre-pay for something that might not come to

> 1. Make your kit look presentable, with professional labels and printed
> boxes. And, really, you *do* have to hold yourself to a higher standard than
> your customers. I wouldn't buy a car from a manufacturer who had the same
> level of car building as I do, which is none. Same with pretty much
> everything else I buy.

Are you saying you're as experienced as Cathal, or rather that he's as
inexperienced as you? Maybe you could evaluate and be one of the
professional-endorsements Mike was looking for?

> 2. Advertise to the home school crowd, or if you can scale up, directly to
> high school science departments. See if larger distributers can carry your
> product, like Carolina Biological.
> 3. On general terms, you can't compare projects on indieBB with kickstarter,

Not sure if this has changed, but previously kickstarter was U.S.A. only.

Nathan McCorkle

Feb 20, 2014, 5:31:51 PM2/20/14
to diybio,,
On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 2:24 PM, Cathal Garvey
<> wrote:
> On 20/02/14 22:21, Will Sutton wrote:
>> - emphasize the Irish aspect (again thru visuals, not text)

Heh, the old 4-leaf clover! (glowing maybe?)

Cathal Garvey

Feb 20, 2014, 5:24:17 PM2/20/14
to Will Sutton,,,
Really good advice! I'm sure Tech Review etc. won't mind me taking
advantage of their logos on this one, so I'll get that done asap.

As far as "GMO..make it glow", mind if I steal that one directly? :D
Did you know the "umbrella company" I created to handle these projects
is called Glowbiotics Ltd? How fortunate!

On 20/02/14 22:21, Will Sutton wrote:
> - You're in Tech Review, and NYT: people need to see that as a big logos
> near the top.
> - emphasize the Irish aspect (again thru visuals, not text)
> - Play up the "outsider taking on Big-Bio". You're the champion for "the
> people" (here's one campaign that does it amusingly well<>
> )
> - GMO/Genetically Modified Organism - too cold, analytic language. I'm
> just riffing but "GMO, get in the know, make it glow...etc". speak like a
> guy at a carnival; it's what crowdfunding sites are. People with disposable
> income come to spend it in exchange for an exotic experience. If they
> wanted acronyms they'd go to the library.
> - Target audiences, I don't know if you've reached out to these groups:
> School teachers - so cool! so easy! so safe!
> Engineers/Programmers - So you think you can program life? All in one
> Hello World kit...see if you have the mind for SynBio 2.0. Emphasize the
> challenge.
> -Will
25.9% of funding goal, with 21 days left:

Cathal Garvey

Feb 20, 2014, 6:49:17 AM2/20/14
Hi Dirk!
Good advice, thanks. That question (what can I do after making things
fluorescent?) is something I attempted, perhaps too windily, to answer
with "What Will Your IndieBB Be?" (,
but I agree that some examples need to be on the front page.

I'm thinking of putting up a list of curated links to inspiring iGEM
projects, but it's a pity there aren't more well-known DIYbio-level
plasmid projects? Suggestions for "further projects you could take
inspiration from" welcome.

On 20/02/14 10:57, Dirk Broenink wrote:
> I would like to know lots of examples of things that could be created using
> this kit, that is the kind of thing that I want to know before I buy
> something.
> Pat of my reaction was: this sounds cool, but once I have it, what can I do
> with it?
> I can get a feel for what else is possible when given examples, the more
> examples the better.
25.9% of funding goal, with 22 days left:


Feb 26, 2014, 8:42:51 AM2/26/14
to, diybio,,
Hey Cathal,
A style suggestion: I've resposted tweets and links to the campaign, the default thumbnail is of the eppies.  Considered maybe a (static) cartoon or diagram for the campaign, something with a "poster" campaign kind of vibe to it?
just my 2c

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