Synbio Future Conference Friday 27th, Forma Unconference Saturday 28th

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Cathal Garvey

Mar 25, 2015, 8:49:10 AM3/25/15
Hi all!
Some notices for anyone interested in bio-whatever here in Cork, which
these mailing lists ought to cover;

Firstly, the Synbio Future conference returns this year and is running
this Friday in Cork County Hall. We've got a great line-up of speakers
covering society, entrepreneurialism, investment, and synbio-tech, and
some other bright sparks already in the crowd as attendees who I can't
name but am quite excited about. :)

Information and free registration including complementary lunch are to
be found here on Eventbrite:
..I'd love to see ye all there.

In a related vein, given that there will be no less than four
international biomakerspace founders in the city for the event as well
as a host of other awesome people, we're hosting an Unconference the
following Saturday afternoon in Grattan House, home of Forma Labs!
That's right, after months of dither and hard work by (mostly other)
members of Forma, the building is in a fit state to accommodate guests
for an afternoon of show-and-tell, light refreshment, and fun.

This isn't an official opening but it will be the first real event we've
run in Forma, so don't expect glitz! Also, "Unconference" means just
that; disorganised and fuzzy. Show-and-tell is the right level of
thought to put in here; if you've got an interesting project or anything
else you'd like to share, bring it along and you'll get a chance to
stand up with a projector and tell everyone about it!

The Forma Unconference lacks an Eventbrite right now but may develop one
soon, which will be linked to from this thread. Until then, if you're
interested in coming along just say so, on or off list. :)

Looking forward to seeing ye all at Synbio Future and the Forma


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