Meetup Tuesday Eve or Wednesday Morn re: Cork Biohackerspace?

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Cathal Garvey

Jun 1, 2014, 5:40:25 AM6/1/14
Hi all,
I'm cross-posting this to a lot of lists (some private) and BCCing a few
people, so for clarity; please, if you're going to respond, join the
diybio-ireland GoogleGroup (I'd have said but the website, and
thus the list joining form, is still down):!forum/diybio-ireland

Anyways; this Wednesday I and some others will be meeting with Cork City
Council to discuss access to a really nice city center location in which
to establish a biomakerspace, as I alluded to previously
( The council are really positive
about the idea, and at least one funding agency I proposed the concept
too is tentatively positive, too.

Jacob Shiach cleverly suggested we arrange regular coffee mornings, like
a pre-work meetup, to discuss biohacking and all other such fun things,
and to share some of our work (John might like to bring some of his
recent DIY equipment, for example!) and plans.

Now seems like a good time to start, but I'm generally terrible at
organisation so don't expect me to organise the next one. I'd greatly
appreciate someone organised, say Áine, doing their organisation thing. :)

Anyways, the question I put to ye potentially interested folk is: who's
interested, and would you prefer Tuesday evening in a quiet pub or
Wednesday morning, and what time-frame in either case?

I guess doodle is a handy tool for getting responses so either email
back (on diybio-ireland, please!) or answer here:


T: @onetruecathal, @IndieBBDNA
P: +353876363185

Cathal Garvey

Jun 3, 2014, 9:31:37 AM6/3/14
Hi all,
So, the doodle got 5 responses *including* my own, and I got three email
responses. According to all that, it seems this evening suits most people.

We could meet anywhere in the city centre; unless anyone's got a strong
preference, I prefer places where I can hear others speak. It'd be nice
if it were within a short walk of the proposed location, just in case
anyone who hasn't yet seen the building we're discussing cares to mosey
down the road. Might I suggest the Woolshed on Mardyke Road, where Pint
of Science was held?

I'll probably make it by 7:30. :)


Jun 3, 2014, 10:45:58 AM6/3/14

Woolshed works for me!
see you at half 7
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